The Marine's Naughty Sister - Terry Towers This was barely taboo. I'm not even sure if it qualifies. But ultimately it doesn't matter because it was a decent short, smexy story. Nate met Evelyn at their parents' wedding just a few months ago, so they're technically step-siblings. Eve's boyfriend just dumped her for another woman, and she's decided to drown her sorrows at a Marine bar. Unfortunately, one of them slipped her some E in her drink, so she's stripping on the table when Nate finds her. He takes her home, and after he diminishes the effects of the E (not sure if his method would really work, but it did in the story), they go to sleep separately. But Eve doesn't want that, so she puts a plan into action.

The biggest problem I had with this was the lack of condom or even a discussion about birth control. They just went at it (after an appropriate period of Nate resisting due to the drug effects). If they'd even had the superficial "I want to ride you bare" "I'm on the pill" conversation, it would be different, but nothing. Just seemed a little irresponsible.

Minor word usage issues, but pretty decent for a cheapie.