Bad Daughters Volume 1 - Erica Sloane First two stories were with cheating bastard men. Yeah, they were hot stories, but still cheating bastard men with barely legal girls. Hey, the opportunity was there, right? (Their opinion... mine on the side of the wife would be but you have a freaking wife!!!)

Story one is about a virgin girl who grew up in a strict household (hence being a virgin, lol.) Once she graduates and turns 18, she decides she wants to work on a cruise ship for the summer. She thinks it'll be fun, plus it gets her away from her overprotective parents. On her fourth cruise, her English teacher from her sophomore year is on the cruise with a bunch of his buddies -- no wives or kids. He was somewhat attracted to her when she was his student, but she's sort of "filled out" since then, and now he's drooling. She does something (a prank more or less) that he witnesses, and she goes to him to make sure he won't tell on her. He trades his silence for some "favors". This was strictly m/f.

Second story I actually read previously on its own. It's about a married guy whose daughter is in her first year of college and whose wife has gone out of town for a week or so. He decides to check out a strip club. Why not? Well, he happens to find the one where a girl his daughter's age works. He's hoping she doesn't recognize him, and at first it seems she doesn't. Stuff happens that goes beyond his wildest dreams. This was m/f, but there was a vignette with his daughter having a m/f/f with her boyfriend and roommate at college (while Daddy is glad she's not a stripper and is such a good girl, lol).

Third story was step-sister/step-brother incest with a 10-year age difference. They kept discussing that it was hotter because they were step siblings. Considering they were barely in the same house for any length of time (it's not like they were raised together), and they lost touch once he hit 18 and moved out, it was almost like they were friends reconnecting after many years, not step-siblings. But whatever. He got to pop her cherry. There was some f/f in this one with the friend the sister brought from college. Well, I guess maybe technically a m/f/f as well since they share a blowjob with the brother.

Fourth story was a really, really short story about a girl going a little Domme on her best friend's divorced dad. No touching, but she made him do stuff. I would have liked more to that story.

Minor editing issues, but enough to pull me from the stories a couple of times.