Double Dare - Saskia Walker I really enjoyed the overall story. Super hot, perfectly matched couple. Lots o' steamy sex. There were a few things that bugged me, but the overall story was good enough to overcome them. Things that bugged me:

There's a short scene of f/f that really just looked thrown in there. Abby has a bi-sexual friend, and while she's talking about how much Zac turns her on, her friend takes advantage of her overheated hormones and gets Abby off. Um. ???? Why? Other than the beginning, where this friend got her the tickets to Zac's club, there was nothing more about this friend. It wasn't even hot. It could have been taken out completely and the story would have been complete.

There was a short scene of the side characters having sex in the boss's office. It's not like the boss found out. There was a slight reference to that night later on, but not the specific act. It's not like Suzanne came clean about it to Abby or anyone else. Again, it seemed just thrown in there. And again, it could have been taken out completely and the story would be good.

Lastly, the anal scene. He prepared her with one finger, only her juices (which were apparently copious -- she really dug him, lol), and for not very long. It was her first time. It just seems, with how much he was in tune with her, that he'd realize it might be more comfy with more of all of the above. It's not like she appeared to mind, but this is fiction, right? :-) I have to wonder if there was a checklist somewhere... f/f? Check. Sex in the boss's office? Check. Anal? Check.

One thing that was really refreshing to me, however, was how Abby handled herself when she found out who Zac really was. She was always worried about being professional, and she definitely lived up to her own expectations on that front. I'm not sure I could have kept my cool. And, when it was over, she didn't go into a hissy, like I sort of expected based on other books where the betrayal seems so small. Everyone has their own reaction to situations, but things that didn't seem like such a big deal in other books would result in at least a few pages of the woman attempting to totally shut the man out (who she loves desperately) and then giving in and chasing him down. Abby definitely had a reaction, but she understood why things happened how they did, and while she didn't let him off completely, she didn't turn him away either.

Of course there's the HEA that I always love to see, so I'm a happy camper.