Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off (Country Music Collection, #1) - Cara North Well I think this book is mis-titled because tequila doesn't play much of a role in this book at all. But I'm not gonna complain. The title got my attention, the blurb a little bit more attention. If the book had been titled this way but the blurb was not my thing, the title wouldn't have swayed me. But I digress....

This was really cute. A twist on the strangers-marry-in-Vegas story. In this case, one is trying to run from money by marrying someone other than her fiance, the other is trying to get his inheritance by marrying someone and staying married for three months. Oh, and the girl is a virgin: if anyone ever came near her in the past, her father would buy them off to stay away from her. See, he needed her for business purposes, and when the right business deal came along in the form of someone just like him, he agreed to the marriage. Rich bastard. You can't sell your daughter!! Duh! (And we wonder why she's running?) Anyhoo... that's exactly what Beth's dad tried to do, and she knew her life would be miserable, so she plotted her escape. She thought she got Jack drunk on Patron. Who knew he could hold his liquor as well as she could? She basically dared him to get married, and he went for it... sober. And then we had the consummation, during which he figured out she was a virgin and he freaked just a little bit. Not so freaked out he didn't want to do it again that night. :-)

Anyway, after telling her friends off the following morning, Bethany went with Jack to Montana to his family's ranch. And she fell in love. With his truck, with his dogs, with his family, with ranch life.... with him. And even though Jack had really only seen the negative effects of love through his mother and then his brother's wife, he ultimately succumbed as well.

Bethany and Jack were so cute together. A bit insatiable as well. I thought it was great that even though Jack was experienced, they were able to do things together that he'd never experienced or wanted to experience with anyone else. And her education in business came in very handy with helping the siblings form a plan to really use their ranch the way they'd wanted to, but just didn't have the direction in the past.

All in all a really cute, sexy story. I know there's going to have to be some reconciliation between Heath and Chance, and I have a feeling Chance will become the ranch's new chef now that she's back in town. And something's going to have to give with Rafe's situation, so I look forward to the next one!