Uncle Dominic's Touch (Wickedly Taboo, #1) - Jenika Snow I really enjoyed this story. I loved the build-up, from Chloe being six and some of her earliest memories of Dominic to her graduation from high school. It's not like there was sexual tension during that time. Dominic was her uncle and he treated her like his niece. Though really it was more of a friendship... he was the only one she felt truly listened to her and understood her. She loved spending time at the lake cottage with Uncle Dominic and Aunt Clara throughout her youth because she felt like she got attention there that was lacking at home with her upwardly mobile parents. Her parents were proud of her accomplishments, but she didn't really feel loved.

I really don't want to rehash the whole story here, but it was really, really good. It's on the shorter side, but not a short story. I started it late last night thinking I'd put it down and finishe it today. But it was so good, I stayed up to finish it. I felt like Chloe was quite mature for her age. I understood Dominic's reactions to things that happened. My heart broke for them both. They had some steamy sex (even for her first time), and ultimately it ended in an HEA. I loved Chloe's belief in the strength of their relationship when they "came out" to her family.

While this is somewhat taboo, there was no blood relation involved. He'd been there since her childhood, but he never made advances toward her or even hinted he felt that way. Neither did she. It was only after his divorce that he admitted the depth of his feelings for Chloe and things went on their natural way. He may have been significantly older than her, but it's not even that she looked on him as a father figure. He was just a good friend and it turned into something so much more.