Taking Back His Widow - Kerri Williams This was a great story. What a selfless person Livinia is! She made such a difficult decision for herself and her unborn child 11 years ago. She made a life for herself. She never expected to see Dean again, but an assignment brings him to her town. And brings him face to face with the son he never knew about. It's obvious that neither one really got over the other, but Livinia tries very hard to fight the attraction. Especially because she's not sure of his intentions for her son. Sparks fly (100% supported by the son who is happy to have a father, after the man he knew as his father died when he was two), and love is rekindled, but the one thing that kept them apart eleven years ago conspires to be the same thing to rip them apart this time. This is one of those where I wanted the characters to stop jumping to conclusions and just TALK to each other! But at the same time, I can see how it might have been difficult. Especially when it came to Dean's mother. The bitch! Manipulative, selfish bitch! Yeah, I didn't like her. :-)