The Promise - Tory Richards A sweet story about a young widow, Shannon, who lost her husband at war. His dying wish was for his older brother to take care of his wife and daughter. Older Marine brother, Ryan, had been in love with her since he met her five years earlier, so he's stayed away. He can't come to grips with the fact that his brother's loss basically gave him everything he wanted, so he's an ass to her most of the time. But there are glimmers of sweetness. For Shannon's part, she wasn't exactly comfortable with being attracted to her husband's brother, but her husband was dead, so she was willing to give it a go. A huge leap of faith, really. And his family was WAY on board. It was sweet. Not sure I'd have reacted how she did, but more power to her. Quite steamy in places. Ryan's lucky she even went near him with how he treated her, lol! But I suppose I can sort of get why he was how he was.