Dangerous Boys and Their Toy - Shayla Black Oh boy... and girl... and boy! Based on the cover, I knew there would be menage, but m/m/f menage? Totally didn't see that coming. Granted, I could have probably read the reviews, but where's the fun in that? :-) You kinda knew it was coming, but it was so interesting when it finally happened. And poor, tortured Thorn! So glad he found not one, but two people who could help him just let go and be himself, instead of the brash, semi-rude guy he liked to show to everyone. Glad Brenna could work out her issues with her dad, too. And Cam? I'd love to meet a Cam in real life. He was such a great guy, completely in tune and unapologetic about his feelings. And hers. And his. :-) Heartwrenching story in some ways, but I'm glad I finally read it.