The Best Roommate - Samantha Whitney How would you feel as a female if your female roommate walked in on you masturbating? This short story is from the perspective of the one walking in on the act (Joanna), and trying to convince said roommate (Ellie) that it's natural to masturbate. Ellie is mortified, but then intrigued when Joanna proposes that the tables are turned -- Ellie can catch Joanna, but it'll obviously be on purpose. Joanna has been crushing on her roommate all year (she's bi), but never would have thought Ellie would open up so much to her. After faux-catching Joanna, they spend the afternoon exploring. It was kind of hot reading about a girl's first female-loving experience. Though I almost didn't think this really was Ellie's first experience. She approached everything with gusto instead of the timidness I would expect based on our first introduction to her. But it was an interesting story.