Burn for Me - Jan Springer This was a rekindled love story. I suppose not even rekindled love -- neither of them lost their love for each other. They just lost their connection after losing their son. Each thought the other didn't care because they didn't console each other after the death. Both were paralyzed with their own grief.

So she decides to go and seduce (?) the twin brother of the man she holds responsible for the drug overdose of her son. I have a question mark there because she told him she wouldn't sleep with him until they were married, making him think she was this virtuous woman. But before she can complete her plan of killing the drug dealer at the wedding, her ex shows up and whisks her off to where they honeymooned. Against her will. And somewhere along the way, the twins catch up to them.

Going into this, I didn't realize it was an older couple. Not that it's a problem, I just wasn't expecting it based on the cover, lol. The son was 20 when he died, and they met at 19, so that makes them at least 39. They certainly acted like teenagers, though! Lots of sensuality and lots of making up for lost time. It was sweet, but I guess I just didn't get quite enough of a connection with either character. I liked them, but I didn't feel a vested interest in the outcome. Granted, this is a shorter story. I did like it, I just didn't love it.