Pandora's Gift

Pandora's Gift - Jennifer Lynne Probably closer to 3-1/2 stars. So I tagged this as paranormal, but it's only paranormal in that Pandora is drawn places to help people, and she can somehow get into the minds of people. And then there was her sculpture that was odd. Well, and then that thing at the very end where she just knew.

I enjoyed the story and thought it was an interesting, unique story. And it was really well written. It was just hard for me to stay involved in the story, and I'm not sure why that was. It's not like I can point to something specific and say "that" was why it took me what felt like too long to get through this story, considering it wasn't a long story. But it was a sweet story of an unlikely couple... Flint is being chased by demons from war. Pandora just seems tired, but Flint stirs something in her that nobody else ever has. And they're able to help each other, when Pandora didn't think she needed any help herself. And after what looks to be a one night stand, it turns out they have a common thread that will bring them back together again.

It ended on a nice HEA and, like I said, I did enjoy the story. It just didn't keep me engaged as much as I would have hoped.