Get Lucky (Tall, Dark & Dangerous, #9) - Suzanne Brockmann I know someone recommended this specific book to me, but I can't remember who. I just know I wouldn't normally pick up a book in the middle of a series, but this can easily be read as a standalone. You get a peek at who the past couplings were, but the story if firmly on Lucky and Syd.

This is another one of those hot guy who is a player finds the one woman perfect for him. And a little bit of the girl who doesn't think she stands a chance because he's too perfect. I loved that when Lucky tried to use his sexuality to distract Syd from the case, she shot him down. I think that went a long way toward him stepping back and really looking at her. And because of this, when Lucky was trying to really get close, not their make-believe relationship, she didn't take him seriously.

He really knows how to make a gesture there at the end, doesn't he? He thought of everything. Really wish I could have seen him in his dress uniform. I bet it was breathtaking! :-)

So now I'm going to have to go back at some point and read or listen to the rest of these. Not super long, but enjoyable stories. Plus, I hear Lucky was kind of a jerk in the previous ones, so it would be interesting to "watch" that.