Carmen's New York Love (Carmen's New York, #3) - Nikki Sex This was my least favorite of the three. If I'm being honest, the first one was my favorite, and that one was free. I think my biggest problem with it is that -- and maybe this is a result of reading the three of them virtually back to back -- if I read one more time how well trained a sub Carmen was or about how Kurt was the best man in the world or about his long blonde hair and green eyes... it was just mentioned over and over. I don't recall the other two having copyediting issues, but this one misused a couple of words, issues with possessives and some punctuation things. Well, there were a couple of minor word misuses in the other two, but that was it. And they didn't pull me out of the story enough for me to think it warranted a note about it.

I was glad to see how Carmen worked through her experience. I thought both Kurt and Carmen were very brave to watch the video together. I thought Carmen was brave to face the things Robert had done to her but with the aim of turning them into the pleasurable experiences they should have been instead of the terror-inducing events they had been. I thought how Carmen helped Laura was incredibly giving, considering she was the ex that had kinda screwed up Kurt's life. Granted, it was that screw up that had brought Carmen and Kurt together. And I was glad to see what Huber did with the money. I still don't know why Kurt handed it over with no questions asked. A nice HEA... it just took me a bit to get there with this one... Unlike the other two, there just didn't seem to be anything pulling me to the end of the book.