Confessions of a Greedy Girl

Confessions of a Greedy Girl - Madelynne Ellis Ms. Ellis is a tease, lol. Well... maybe I read more into the blurb than we ultimately got, so maybe it's my fault. That is not to say this isn't an enjoyable read. I expected m/m/f, and being a greedy girl myself, lol, I was a little disappointed that we didn't get it. But I suppose Lyssa got what she wanted -- she wanted to see two men together, and she got that.

God, Nathan was an ass! I can't believe he was so presumptuous, and I also felt kinda bad for Lyssa once she found out exactly what an ass he was. Caveman, chest-beating, I'm-the-alpha-male asshole. I often like alpha males, but only when they're being alpha for the purpose of protecting their female. That was not the case with Nathan. It was more of an "I have to win" than him protecting Lyssa. Not that Lyssa wanted any kind of protection from Nathan, but she sure didn't want what it ultimately was. They sure had some fun there for a while, though, didn't they?

I also really liked how slow Victor took things with Lyssa. I think his attempts to stay loyal were admirable, even though they confused Lyssa because she didn't know he was being loyal to anyone. But that he wouldn't just take what she was offering I think made her stop and actually consider her feelings for Victor instead of it being just a physical release for the them both.

I'm not sure how I felt about Leif. He said one thing then did another, which worked out for them all, but I can see why Lyssa and Victor were so confused.

This was on the short-ish side, but definitely not a short story. I wish there had been just *one more scene* there at the end where I could have gotten my m/m/f. :-) But like I said, I'm greedy that way, lol.

Thank you to the author for providing this book in exchange for an honest review!