I Am Nobody's - Emma Hillman A shortish story about a girl sort of stuck in a love triangle. Well, maybe lust triangle is more like it. Stef is broken up with Noah, but they still sleep together every night. Noah apparently said some hurtful things when he broke up with her, but I guess they just can't really, truly break it off. But now Noah is pushing her towards Kade, another guy in their band. And when she takes Noah up on his suggestion, Noah isn't exactly happy. But he's not mad either. Turns out he planned this... her going off with Kade would spice up their relationship again... a relationship he decided was stale... and ultimately she agrees with and decides the breakup is her fault??? WTF is up with that?! Fine, the relationship was stale, but you just break up over that without even really talking about it?!

Anyway, they ultimately all come to terms with what they want.