Pas de Deux - Fiona Jayde This was an interesting read. Not super great, but a nice read. Lynn is a ballerina, returning to her career after two years of recovery after an injury. Her first show will be with the man who publicly broke her heart many years ago, when she was naive and new. Someone doesn't like the direction the dances are going, so he's trying to scare/shame Lynn into dropping out of the show. But Lynn wants to stay in for two reasons: to prove to the dancing community that she is truly back after the injury, and to prove to herself that her co-star doesn't matter anymore. Something about him had started a sort of tradition with Lynn... she picks up a stranger for anonymous sex just before she starts rehearsals for a new show. And tonight, she's picked Mateo. She knows he's a bodyguard, because her companion at dinner, the director of her show, had told her so. And they go have sex, and that's that.

A few weeks later, her director has hired Mateo as Lynn's bodyguard, and neither of them can resist the chemistry. So this part of it was sweet. But for some reason, it felt like as soon as it started, it was ending. Still, it was a good story. I just wish there had been more between the middle and the end. One thing that didn't quite make sense was Mateo's mom busting in to Lynn's dressing room on opening night, complaining that Mateo was going back to the police force. It just sort of happened. I'm not sure how she got back there anyway, especially when so many people were watching for anything odd to be possibly going on.

But generally, an enjoyable story, if on the shorter side.