Lost and Found

Lost and Found - Kelly Jamieson Started off with angst... then some sexy... then more angst... then more sexy... then super sweet... then MASSIVE angst... and then sweet again.

Derek was seriously an asshole. I suspected in the beginning what ultimately came to be true. I don't know why. I think because I felt like someone who was selfish enough to tear away from the doctor's on his own after finding out he's sterile, not call his wife or answer her calls at all the entire day, not show up after work, then finally show up wasted at 2AM could easily be such a slimeball. Totally selfish asshole.

I admit their method of sperm donation was a little unusual. And I also suspected Derek's reasoning behind suggesting it. Well, the one that was unspoken at least. But hey, if this wasn't the method, if they'd gone the traditional route, there wouldn't be too much story. :-) And I thought that while Nate initially approached it clinically, when he realized Krissa needed gentle and more feelings, he was more than up to the task. I found it interesting that right off the bat, Krissa recognized the more giving nature of Nate's lovemaking. Between Nate already feeling attracted to Krissa and vice versa, the sex set them up to have much deeper feelings for each other than either could have imagined. They were so good together, both in and out of bed.

Like I said, the story was full of angst, from start to finish. But it was ultimately a very satisfying resolution to the story. I only wish Ms. Jamieson was a bigger fan of the epilogue. :-)