The Accidental Stripper

The Accidental Stripper - Helen    Cooper This was a really short freebie from Amazon. While parts of it showed potential, I found myself wondering where the hell this club is that they'll let the girls take everything off *and* the men can touch them? Or that they would allow intercourse within the club *and* nobody would notice? It also felt a little cheap when the dude gave her extra money at the end. The girl hadn't even wanted to fill in for her friend (I understand wanting to help your friends, but this is just a boundary no friend should ask another to cross, if you ask me) and seemed almost virginal (she had never heard the term "eating out"?) and the dude ends up treating her almost like a prostitute. Then again... if the shoe fits, I guess... But it almost sounded like the dude was actually interested in the girl initially, and not because she was going to pretend to be a stripper. And then after that one screw, the girl believes she can actually do this stripping thing? So she's going to do every guy who flashes money now? Just didn't ring true based on how she was initially portrayed.

Aside from my issues above, it didn't suck, hence the "It was OK" rating.