Blood & Tears - Bill   Turner I'm going to classify this as a story meant for men (maybe?). Which means it obviously wasn't for me. And now for the reasons why this just isn't for me:

* First off, the girl isn't likeable. She's vain and conceited.

* I can get hating a guy who humiliates you yet feeling oddly attracted to him. That's fine. But when you go into your boss's office, he's expecting you to quit, you call him a jackass, and he has you on your knees with his cock down your throat in about five seconds flat, that's not sexy to me. Oh, but she's "showing him"... by giving him a good blow job? She's showing him what?

* But even worse, then he lifts you, turns you around to bend over his desk, and enters your virgin ass with no preparation or lubrication of any kind, that's not going to feel good. Even if you stroke your clit.

* And then he demands you come to some place that night and he's sent you an outfit to wear, and you seem more worried about looking good at 33 than WTF your boss, who anally raped you earlier today, might have planned for you.

* Philip wears thousand dollar suits, but cheap cologne?

* This reads too much like rape to me. And then she dies. Nice.

I'm guessing there's an audience that will love this. It just wasn't me.

And there are the editing issues again. "Too" where "to" should be. "Currier" for "courier". Other issues.