The Awakening - Bill   Turner This was a freebie. I'm not sure I get it. I wasn't sure I would get it because, admittedly, I'm not really into the M/s dynamic. I get that Bill trained his slave, Layla, to share with other men. But she calls them swarthy without having even set eyes on them. What made her think they were swarthy? Then we're sort of introduced to three other men. Maybe military? Not sure. We're told they were swarthy another time, but I'm still not sure what qualifies them to be swarthy when we got really no other description of these men. And then Layla does what her Master wants and provides them each a little pleasure before dinner. And then dessert is apparently them doing whatever Master says to her for dessert. But here's where I got confused. She's being DP'ed with her Master's cock in her mouth, and she's told to reach out and grab the cocks on either side of her. But that's FIVE people then, right? And even at the end, there was reference to five men talking. Where'd the extra dude come from? My other issues were with editing... punctuation issues, possessives not used properly (really, not at all) and misused words (heals for heels is the main one I remember). But I think my biggest problem was just that I didn't get it. It didn't really feel like a story to me. Maybe I just feel like I needed more details. Who the men were. Why Bill was giving his "wife" to them. Why was he treating these guys now? Where are they going when they leave? What did these guys do for Master to deserve this treatment? I dunno. I have one other by this author that was also a freebie and I'll give it a shot.