No Tell Noel - Danielle LaBue While in general this was a nice story, there were things that just weren't realistic and it kept pulling me from the story. I realize it's fiction, and I can suspend reality for paranormals, but this was a contemporary and I just found myself thinking WTF a few times. This story is about two people who have met up several years after high school. Noel is a party planner. Luke is a cop. At a graduation party, they kissed, but it never went any farther than that. The kiss was apparently impressionable enough for neither of them to really let it go.

So they've met up again. Noel moved back to town with her snake boyfriend. She's just caught him screwing a waitress at one of her events, and she's taken off in her car. And I guess she's driving a little erratically, but she ends up hitting a deer. And a bottle of whiskey in the car broke open in the wreck so now she smells like whiskey. And the police have arrived. Fortunately for her, it's Luke.

And here's where I have issues... For some reason, instead of contacting a tow truck to come get her totalled car, he eats her out in the patrol car. And then they get a report of a guy threatening an elderly lady with a gun for her phone. So Luke takes Noel with him to find this guy, who they decide is probably Noel's ex. They stop at a park where Luke thinks the ex might have tried to find a phone. They don't find the ex, but they decide to screw on one of the tables there. This guy is on duty, but he's taken off all his clothes, including his firearm, to make it with Noel. I guess it's sweet that he's so overcome, but that's just such bad form.

It was an OK story. The sex wasn't super steamy... while it was sweet they had this history, I just didn't feel the heat. But it was OK.