Holiday Hangover - Kelli Scott This was a really cute short. Jane is the staid rule-maker/rule-enforcer for her condo association. She was wild when she was younger, but she's left all that in the past. It's the holiday party, and she's trying to keep up appearances by drinking coffee, but one of the residents refills her cup with heavily spiked coffee. And that leads to a cup of heavily spiked egg nog. When her Secret Santa gift is given to her, she's mortified that it's a basket of sex toys and accouterments.

The guy playing Santa for the party is new to the condos. Raul was too late to participate in Secret Santa, but he wanted to participate even in a little way. Plus, he thought it would be a good way to maybe chat with Jane, who he'd been interested in since he moved in. And liquor loosened her up enough for him to suggest going into the photo booth, where things get interesting.

What was fun about this story is we start out with her waking with the mother of all hangovers, trying to piece together where she is, with whom she is, what happened and why can't she remember any of it. But slowly pieces come back to her. And it was ultimately a super sexy story as well as really sweet. A fun holiday read.