The Flintstone Experiment - Selena Kitt I tagged this as smut, but there really wasn't a lot. The focus on the story was a broken relationship. "Wilma" had planned this weekend retreat for herself and her husband as a last ditch effort to make their relationship better. "Fred" didn't really realize there was a problem because Wilma never really communicated well. She kept things buried. She wanted him to take a more active role at home, but when she gave him something and he didn't do it quite to her standards, she'd take it back and call it a failure. So she really had a big chip on her shoulder that it seemed her husband really couldn't see.

When the instructor recommended Wilma doing only what her husband tells her to do for 24 hours, they're not really sure how this could be helpful, but they agree. And when Fred doesn't make decisions for her like she wants him to but has never told him, she throws a tantrum, and finally Fred is at a tipping point.

It was an interesting story.