The EX-Files - a RED hot erotic romance - Cat Johnson This was so sweet! I don't know what I was expecting (or why it took me so long to read this), but it was much sweeter than I anticipated.

The story starts off with Jane trying to tolerate sex with her boyfriend, Jim. Jim is completely oblivious to how Jane really feels about him, both in and out of bed. But she's finally realized he's not the guy for her.

And then we switch to Damien half-enjoying a nameless female (he does remember her name, only barely) blowing him off.

I found it funny that both of them were thinking about totally non-sexual things during what should be mind-blowing sex, but obviously neither of them are into it.

At the bar Jane and Candice, her best friend, frequent, Damien tends bar. Jane is depressed she's turning thirty, and Candice starts ordering things they don't normally have... which leaves Jane blitzed. And by herself at closing time. Damien already has a bit of a crush on her, and knows she's somehow different, but he's not sure why. He brings her up to his apartment, and while Jane probably would have been up for sex (she admitted to Damien that she'd burned out her vibrator's motor the week before), he doesn't want to take advantage. Doesn't mean they don't make out for a bit.

Somehow, Jane thinks they've agreed they can have no-strings sex. Damien never really said that. He said they could have sex, sure, but he never agreed to the no-strings part of it. But if that's how he can have Jane, that's what he'll try. But it gets all muddied when he realizes Jane is going to be going on dates with other men... she's going back through her phone book to past dates to see if maybe she missed something with them. Which doesn't sit right with Damien.

I thought Damien was so sweet. Sure, he may not have been the type of guy Jane normally dated, but that wasn't working, was it? And I could totally see why he felt hurt and used. Jane seemed to be wrapped up in her own little world a lot of the time. But ultimately it ended up in an HEA. It seemed like it could very easily have gone the other way, so I was glad for the HEA.

Really cute, sweet, and steamy story.