Take Me, Too - Leah Ridgewood An enjoyable freebie from Amazon. After having read a book with a similar premise (two guys in a committed relationship, one sort of a closet bisexual, brings their female friend into their relationship), I can compare the writing of the two and say this one wasn't as well written. This was much shorter than the other, but liking the writing less on this one was really more a matter of a lack of making me feel how much the characters feel for each other. A lack of connection with the characters.

In this one, Dan and Aimee have been neighbors and friends for a long time. Dan is in a committed relationship with Luis, but their relationship is a little rocky. We don't really find out why. A few months ago, Dan broke the news to Aimee that Aimee's boyfriend had been cheating on her regularly. It devastated Aimee and she retreated into her own world to get away from what she perceived as the perfect relationship between Dan and Luis. She didn't want to see their bliss when she was hurting so badly.

One night, Dan can't stand it anymore -- he misses her a lot -- and invites her for takeout from a favorite restaurant. Before she got there, Luis had been watching some gay porn. When Aimee grabbed the laptop to look something up, up pops the porn and she's extremely turned on. And then the three of them hook up.

Here's where it felt a little strange to me. While Luis was willing to have a girl in their relationship because that's what Dan really wanted, he'd never been with a girl. He was only willing to have anal sex with her. Which I guess is what he'd be used to, lol, but if he's going to perform oral sex on her, why would he not screw her in the traditional way? I guess maybe that's why it felt a bit off to me. It felt like like he was just tolerating her in the relationship.

So anyway, it was ultimately sweet, maybe an HFN more than an HEA, but it worked. And even though it was short, it worked. I didn't feel shortchanged, even if I didn't totally connect with the characters.