Turn Me, Bend Me, Take Me

Turn Me, Bend Me, Take Me - LB James What a way to meet your new boss? Shirt off in a stock room changing into your new uniform. Um, awkward. Though Shay didn't realize at first that Logan was her new boss. And then how awkward for your new boss to not have any faith at all in your ability to perform your job? I suppose Logan can't be completely faulted for that. He needs a bouncer, not a petite woman who doesn't look like she could hurt a fly, much less break up a fight between drunk men twice her size. But she proves pretty quickly, on Logan, just how effective she can be. He had no idea she was a martial arts expert.

And sparks fly between them. There is definitely chemistry there, but they hold off for a bit before they act on anything.

And while Logan was sweet for being protective, he was quite a bit overprotective and a bit of a chauvanist. They were having great fun and then all of a sudden, he goes all Neanderthal on her and acts like a big jerk. He's lucky she only humiliated him when he finally got his act together and begged for forgiveness.

This was a very different story from the other couple I've read by this author. Definitely more story line and the sex scenes were less frequent. They were a bit steamy, though. And a nice HEA.