His For A Night

His For A Night - LB James This was a little bit PNR-ey with the time travel and the magical ring. Lexy is drawn to a ruby ring, and when she puts it on, it transports her back in time to Scotland, to her wedding night with Ian. Ian who plays her body the way she knew could be done but had never found. And Ian, who has a Scottish accent. I'm listening to Outlander, so I have Scottish accents on the brain, but reading it was a little strange. Beyond the accent, though, I could tell he was a bit dominating. Might have moved to the anal a little quickly, lol. Lexy knew it was only for one night, but hoped to find her Ian when she got back to her own time. Luckily, it only took two weeks and luckily today's Ian wasn't already involved with someone. Though after seeing their wedding night via the ring, obviously nothing mattered except getting inside her again. It was a little bit romantic. And a wee bit steamy. Quite fast-moving, but with PNR I can generally suspend reality, lol.