His To Command

His To Command - LB James Aye yay yay! This was a wee bit hot.

We have Lisa, who is recently divorced from a jerk. Seriously a total asshole. First, he marries her with the sole goal of making children with her. When his non-foreplay fucking skills shockingly don't arouse her, he calls her frigid and tells her he'll just see other women for his enjoyment. So after seven years of wedded hell (and no children), he divorces her, leaving her feeling completely unworthy of love as well as a little uninitiated in terms of passionate sex. Lisa has been seeing a therapist -- who happens to own a sex club -- and her therapist suggests a hookup to show she's not frigid.

And we have Jack, the man Lisa's therapist chose to help Lisa. Jack has his own demons. He's slightly younger than Lisa, but is also divorced. After catching his wife in bed with other people, he's written off the idea of love, but after seeing Lisa and watching her reaction to watching others in "play", he wants to be the one to help her find and embrace her sexual nature.

I thought that while Jack may have been a bit presumptuous about some things (i.e. enlisting his friends to see how she'd react to more than one man), I think he approached Lisa's education logically. If he gets caught up in his "therapy" sessions, so much the better.

Part of Jack's therapy is exposing Lisa to his friends who play a lot of sex games. It sounds strange to someone (me) who is only familiar with m/f monogamy, but the wife wants to play the slut and her husband is willing to indulge that as long as he's present when she's being the slut. And he directs it. So are several vignettes of m/f/m+ via that couple, but Lisa and Jack are just Lisa and Jack.

Ultimately it was sort of a sweet story with a lot of sexy surrounding it.