Home Coming - Lela Gwenn This was a freebie. I'm not sorry I read it, but it was just kind of strange for me. Story summary -- We have this sexually repressed woman who married a gorgeous guy. Esteban is going off for a two-week trip. Bianca thinks he's losing interest. She has her best friend come stay with her so she's not so lonely. Becomes a voyeur as her best friend gets off in the shower. Then for the first time (I think?) masturbates. Hubs calls while she's masturbating and after admitting this, they have phone sex. Next day, they go to a day spa, where girl again becomes a voyeur to her best friend getting nailed by her husband's bodyguard. After admitting *this* to her husband, he sets up a scenario of "forcing" her to do things for him. It's do them or he starts the vibrator in the panties he "made" her wear. Then when she gets home, he's there, and they make passionate love. And then we're done.

The scenes were a bit steamy, but I didn't get (a) how he was able to come home after just a few days when he was sort of adamant about being gone for two weeks at the beginning or (b) why she's feeling something sexy for her BFF but then nothing happens with that either (not that I'm upset we didn't get any f/f, it was just sort of built up for nothing). Esteban also seemed almost mad that she saw her BFF and her hubs' bodyguard going at it, but then sends her vibrating panties? And what was up with all the "tasks" while she was having lunch? I'm glad everyone got theirs, but it just seemed a little weird and disjointed to me.