Wanna Bet? - Darcy Sweet I usually shy away from short stories. There usually isn't enough time for me to really get the scenario or the players and to really care that they are having hot sex. That was not the case with these. Ms. Sweet can really tell a great story, whether it's long (a la Imprinted) or short, like these. There wasn't a dud in the batch. And during a couple of them, I sort of felt my heart breaking for one of the characters, because it looked as though the relationship might not pan out. If I can care about the characters, it's a good story for me. So I really enjoyed all of these. I think my favorite, though, was the one with the two couples where the boys wanted to watch the girls kiss, and rather than just do it, the girls decided to sort of turn the tables on the boys... make them want it enough to agree to just about anything... which ended up being that whatever they want the girls to do, they have to agree to do themselves. And it turned into total hotness. Whew! :-)