The Invitation - Madison J. Edwards This was a very short interlude between Sheila, her boss and Dom, Troy, and Troy's partners Seth and Jonah. Sheila is used to playing with Troy and Seth, but this is her first time meeting Jonah. She immediately attracted to Jonah, which confuses her. But I suppose it's a good thing, considering what they have planned for her. It was kinda hot, but just so short, and I didn't get a great "fuzzy" feeling about how Sheila was treated by Troy. It seems like he spoils her, and I suppose she likes being shared with his partners, but I dunno... maybe it's just an aspect of that lifestyle I just don't get. Most of the BDSM I've read has more of a definitive HEA and the Doms, while being dominant and may need to punish their sub, have a huge gentle streak and show great affection toward their sub. I just didn't feel that so much with this one.