My Stepson is a Naughty Stripper - Aphrodite Hunt Another freebie from Amazon, but this one actually had a story! And it was relatively entertaining, lol.

In this one, we have Maxi who married Dan, an older man. He got her pregnant, and even though she lost the baby, he married her. His business is constant travel, so he takes her back to his home and basically leaves her there to go back out to work. She meets her step-son (actually Dan's step-son, too), and while she finds him attractive, he's a bit rude. After answering a phone call, she's given information to figure out where he spends his time. Turns out he's a very popular stripper who holds semi-private showings after the show and screws one lucky lady. Somehow, Maxi is the lucky lady the night she goes, and while Conner is a bit freaked out that he's going to have sex with his step-mom (who is two years older than he is), there's been an undercurrent of sexual tension between them. And the next day, he comes back for more. Things get steamier from there.

There is a non-con/rape portion of this book, in case that's a hot button for you. Things happened that were explicitly described, and I didn't particularly enjoy that part of the book, lol. Maxi didn't either. And I have to wonder why the fuck someone didn't go to the police after that?! It's not like Conner or Maxi or Dan were doing anything illegal.

Anyhoo, it ended kind of suddenly, but at the same time, we got enough information to know generally what ultimately happened. And it was an unexpected HEA. Not super long, but definitely not a short story.