For One Night Only

For One Night Only - Luxie Ryder Well, hmmm... I didn't have the great experience with this book as some of the other reviewers had. I hate it when that happens! But for that matter, the book I read is completely different from the blurb, so maybe that's the problem? The blurb as it is on Fictionwise is what I read.

For me, this story dragged. It started out on a good note, with a rock star and a doctor having great physical chemistry. The doctor had bad luck in her last relationship, and heck, Ruben's a rock star, so Bethany doesn't know how to handle it when the sparks fly and they end up having sex. She bolts before he wakes. Which really bugs him. He ends up being the pursuer, but her old relationship has sort of screwed her up, and she's constantly questioning everything about the relationship and keeping herself at a distance, just in case Ruben ends up being like her ex. And then on Ruben's end, he's afraid he's going to be the jerk he witnessed his father being, and he's constantly berating himself for how he reacts around Bethany.

I think I just got bored with the story. They're together and having sex, then they're not. Then they're fighting, then they make up and have sex, then they're apart again, then back together and having sex. And the sex? The first time was her beginning to give him a blow-job and him stopping her before he finishes then her riding him, and that's supposed to be "wild" and her letting herself go? Maybe my definition of "wild" and the author's are two completely different things, but girl-on-top doesn't seem so wild to me.

Part of them not being together was Ruben's traveling schedule, but part of it was just... I dunno... weird. And then there's the side story of the stalker, and I think that's probably why I kept reading -- I wanted to see when the stalker would finally catch her prey and how that would play out.

So it ended on an HEA and that might be the best thing I can say about the story. There were several editing issues that kept ripping me from the story, and I hate that, too. Sometimes the story is great enough to overcome such issues, but considering I was bored, the issues screamed at me that much louder. I didn't hate it, but this story would not make me want to read more by this author.