Fatal Consequences

Fatal Consequences - Marie Force Maybe this was more 3.5, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the other two. I think maybe it's because Sam and Nick have settled into their relationship, so this was more about the suspense than the relationship. And I like Nick. I want to hear about Nick. :-) Well, OK and Sam, too. Lol. It amazes me, even in real life, how much people -- especially those in such public roles -- will risk for a little bit of nookie. Much less sadistic nookie. I was glad the people who organized this whole thing got their due, especially after what happened to McBride.

While this one hasn't been my favorite, I'll keep reading/listening. The next one is the freebie wedding, and I know Nick will be perfectly Nick. Do you think I like Nick a little bit? {grin}

One rant real quick though: I've been listening to these, and I wish the producers would either stick with the same narrators for a series (preferable) or make sure each narrator is at least pronouncing things like the previous one(s) did. Example, Nick Cappuano. Book One: cap-oo-ah-no Book Two: cap-you-ah-no Book Three: cap-wha-no. Little distracting. But that's not the author's fault.