Erotic Diversions - C.J. Taekin This was a nice collection of short stories. My favorites were The Assignment and A Matter of Time. It sure felt like it was getting hot when I was reading those. I'm normally really big on HEA, but some of these didn't have one. It was fine, though, because those stories didn't necessarily require one, or wouldn't have made sense if it was forced. Here are my thoughts on the individual stories:

Survivors -- Interesting twist on swapping partners. One couple barely survives a plane crash. The other couple was sent to rescue them. In the frigid cold of Alaska, in the middle of a storm. The only way the crash survivors can pull out of their downward spiral is to get warm quickly. The quickest way to get warm is skin on skin. The sleeping bags the rescue couple have are too small for the two men to fit inside and still close it up, so rescue guy goes with rescued female and rescue girl goes with rescued male. Everybody's naked, but the rescued couple start out unconscious. As the warmth helps the rescued couple, interesting things occur within the pairs. This one wasn't entirely erotic to me. Of course there was sex, and some of it was described explicitly, but maybe I didn't feel it was erotic because there was no flirtation, no relationship between the people being intimate. Sure there was a little bit of build-up, but it seems like it was almost physiological response as opposed to an emotional one. Body parts did things that made other body parts do/want to do things, and ultimately things happened. Thankfully neither of the rescue pair held it against the other. This one was an HEA, or likely would be based on where we left the happy couple.

High Contrast -- Freaky, deaky husband got his wish and regretted it. I'm not sure what he expected. He set up the scenario so he could watch and then laments when he gets exactly what he'd hoped for. Maybe his wife wasn't supposed to like it so much? Maybe she wasn't supposed to want to do it again? MAYBE he shouldn't have held her off for so long, lol. This was not an HEA, but once I realized what was happening, I didn't expect it would be. Poor little husband (not).

Inside Out -- This was a hot one. There are sort of two things going on here. First, a game played between friends where one friend tells a steamy (allegedly real life) story, gets the other worked up, and then hands over a dildo for the worked up friend to work off some steam. Second, an internal struggle between your mind telling you someone is a total ass and you shouldn't be attracted and your body still wanting what he's offering. On the one hand, that encounter almost felt forced, but on the other, if she really didn't want it, she easily could have done something to make it stop. She was completely worked up. So perhaps the struggle was part of the attraction. But she was aghast at how much she enjoyed it afterward and struggled with that. I have to say that Marcie's story at the beginning was way better than Kirsten's story at the end as far as the friend game goes. :-) I think this was more HFN. There was a hint things could get better, but at the end of the story, there was no certain course.

The Assignment -- Yowza. Student takes hottie teacher for an erotic ride. First, she forces him to listen to the story she submitted for a creative writing assignment. She received an F and feels she deserves better. He admits he only read the first portion, deemed it porn, and graded it. When she hears he didn't even read it in full before grading it, she reads it to him. If he's going to grade it, he needs to actually know the story, right? She sure is spunky, reading her erotic story out loud and making him listen to it. And the reading has certain expected results -- it is erotic fiction, after all. {wink} It looks like all will work out well, but it doesn't quite make it there. There are consequences for every action, as they abruptly found out. It was an unexpected ending. But, you know, it wasn't completely out of the realm of possibility! I actually felt bad for them both at the end. Not an HEA, but it fit the story.

A Matter of Time -- Another yowza. First, girl gets to watch two hot gay guys go at it while she's in the same room with them getting herself off. Then, they guide her in training her boyfriend so she can do him with a strap-on. Holy hotness! HEA for this one.

Overall a very enjoyable read.