Who's The Coach (Swinging Games) - Adriana Kraft As my rating indicates, this was just OK for me. I think my biggest problem was that the dialogue didn't seem natural. It read like a script for a PSA, where the characters are explaining things through dialogue instead of with a voiceover. Granted, I don't know much about the lifestyle, so maybe I as a reader needed to understand things about swinging to understand what was going on, but I think maybe that could have been done through thoughts or something. It just made the dialogue between the "coach" couple seem unnatural. The "coached" couple seemed incredibly comfortable with what they were doing, but then I suppose that's why they're doing it. The hottest scene for me was when the male of the "coach" couple was being introduced to anal sex by the "coached" couple while his wife looked on. But all of the other scenes were more like they just swapped. Which I suppose is what swinging is all about. It was interesting to get a glimpse into that lifestyle.