0 to 69 in 5 Minutes - Jasmine Black First off, while I tagged this f-f-m, that's only to let me know it's there. But it was so brief, it may not warrant the tag, and it wasn't a menage involving the two main characters.

I really enjoyed the interaction between Noah and Valerie. I thought the premise was cute. I mean sure, we've read the "I can't face my ex at my reunion so I need to find someone even better to go with" scenario, but for this one, Valerie uses speed dating to find her "guy". Boy was she lucky she could find someone who matched the description of the guy she's been telling her family about! And boy were they both lucky that they had major chemistry.

The portions about Bambi and Tyler -- I didn't get into that. Bambi seemed way too vapid for Noah to have ever considered marrying her. The whole "you must provide me an heir" thing was really weird. And that there happened to be a real drag queen with the name of her pretend boyfriend who happened to be at the same hospital as Noah? A stretch, but it provided a bit of humor. Plus it ultimately got Noah out of his responsibility to Bambi.

Ultimately a cute, shortish story. If not for Noah and Valerie, it might have been time wasted, but I really liked them as a couple.