Jingle All The Way - Becca Dale It was a cute, hot, short read. I had to suspend my vision of reality for a bit. I mean, how likely is it that a wealthy company owner visiting the area decides to take a drive and ends up in a podunk town in North Dakota and finds his soul mate? And what kind of girl gets pissed off when she finds out he's THE Teal of Teal Rod & Reel? Especially when he asked her about the empty factory and the people in the town, and he asked her to basically sell the town to a potential "investor". And she's surprised when he actually does? I mean, sure... you can be surprised. But pissed off? And I don't think he gave her any reason to feel like she was being paid for sex. But she thunk it. Anyway... beyond that suspension of reality (who reads smut for reality anyway?), it was a cute read with the HEA I love so much. The sex was hot (and frequent), and sparks flew between the two main characters. So not the greatest, but far from the worst.