Summer Sizzle

Summer Sizzle - Samantha Gentry Well this was a really sweet story. Boy meets girl and accidentally has to live with him/her for a weekend and sparks fly. She is completely uptight -- everything in her future is on a schedule, and anything not on the schedule is not worthwhile to do. He lost his son a couple of years ago, so he's living for today. She inaccurately views him as a kite-flying beach bum (several times through the story -- did it never occur to her that he might need to pay for his lodging?), but falls for him nonetheless. But she's not uptight sexually... and he forces her from her comfort zone (i.e. her day planner). They are exactly what the other needs. Ultimately, he decides she's worth returning to the job he held previously and realizes he misses it. But it was a nice story about falling in love and destroying your own ideas about what you thought you wanted or needed. Not sure what the Tim aspect had to do with anything except solidifying what each wanted of the other, but that part wasn't integral to the story, I don't think.