No! How can she leave us hanging like that?

Tempt the Stars  - Karen Chance

First, there's not much Mircea which I was very sad about. I just love Mircea. Not that I don't like Pritkin, but it didn't even seem like there was all that much Pritkin! Still an interesting story, and it's always so interesting to watch Cassie discover more things she's capable of. Nobody knows everything she can do and she keeps surprising everyone, including herself. After reading the Q&A on Ms. Chance's site, I can forgive the fact that Mircea wasn't around much. I forget that the Dorina and Cassie stories are sort of parallel timeframes, and Mircea was big into the last Dorina. But I am glad, with how this one ended (not quite a cliffhanger, but pretty close!) that we'll get what was apparently the second half of this story in a shorter timeframe than we had to wait for this one.