Horrible start (the events, not the writing), typically great finish

Rock Chick Regret  - Kristen Ashley

I thought I was going to cry very early on in this one. In past Rock Chicks, the girls have come close to being raped, but it's never actually happened. One of them was groped while her hands were restrained, but there was no penetration. This one starts off with a rape. Thankfully, we as readers don't get any real details about it, but just how Sadie came back to Nightingale and how she felt afterward, and what she *said* to Hector about waking up... broke my freaking heart. I loved that she didn't think she had any friends, but her employee and his partner stepped up and helped her when she really thought she had nobody. And they did it just because they like her, and she was sure they did it because they wanted something from her. Everyone else always had, so why not them, too? What a lonely existence Sadie had lived. After a while, we find out why her father was so cold, and how sad for him as well. Well, *them* as a family. But I loved how Hector wouldn't give up on her, as hard as she tried to keep him away. And I liked how the rest of the Rock Chicks rallied around her. That bunch seems like such a great group of friends. Just one more book in this series left. ~sniff~ I'll be sad when I'm finished with the Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch stories.