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Claimed: 1 - Evangeline Anderson

OK, so this was another freebie I got last year that I read for a freebie challenge. I kinda enjoyed the book. Nothing at all wrong with Baird, except maybe some of the challenges he faced could have been avoided or lessened if he'd have just talked to Olivia and explained exactly what would happen. While they had this great chemistry, it's almost like he expected that chemistry was all he needed to claim his bride. And while I wanted to smack Olivia, I could kind of sympathize with her. Whether Sophia is her twin or not, any bride who is drafted is going to have created her own life and will have family. It's not common for someone to just be perfectly willing to give that all up. And for Olivia and Sophie, they're very close! Even a month is too much time for them to just be okay with the whole thing. I mean seriously... drop what you're doing and go off with someone who you've seen in your dreams for the last six months and have NO contact with anyone or anything you know for a month? I can see her resisting it. But I still felt bad for Baird. I almost can't believe that by 85% there had still been no actual nookie. There were sexy times -- poor Baird must have had the bluest balls in the galaxy -- but no traditional sex. Can there be traditional sex with an alien? Especially one with a "mating fist"? (I'd have probably been a little frightened of that, too, lol!) Anyway, an imaginative world and a decent story. I just wish Olivia had been a little more "giving" along the way. 


Oh... the editing bugged me on this one, too. First, there were way too many "uhs" in dialogue. I get that maybe Olivia was uncomfortable about some topics, but after a while, she just started to sound dumb. Also, too many times where "too" was used, but it should have been "to". It wasn't horrible, but it was enough for me to notice and remember.