Ahh, hot twins. What's not to love?

Together in Cyn: 1 (Members Only) - Jennifer Kacey

Cyn has harbored secret crushes on her best friends, Jared and Chris. When they discover her diary, however, the secret is out, and the boys are totally on board. They didn't realize Cyn enjoyed the same fantasies and activities they did. And she had no idea they owned a BDSM club. But they do, and they're happy to help her fulfill every fantasy she recorded. Cyn is resistant at first because she thinks she has to choose just one, but they quickly make it clear that they're a package deal.


Near the very beginning, it was pretty darn hot. But for me it kinda started to go downhill after a while. I felt like there was a checklist of things the author wanted to include. Bondage? Check. Menage? Check. Exhibitionism? Check. Girl on girl? Check. Two boys? Check. Some of these things added to the story. Some detracted from it for me. And the stalker/sabateur underlying plot was only somewhat compelling. That said, I did enjoy the story. It just started to drag for me.