Books like this make me want to visit Down Under

White-Hot Christmas - Serenity Woods

Merle is visiting her sister, Bree, in New Zealand. They are both natives of England, but Bree moved to New Zealand when she got married. Their mother has had health issues, so Merle lives with and cares for her, but Merle needed a break, so she's visiting Bree. Bree's husband has a hot, commitment-phobe cousin, Neon, short for Napoleon. Upon meeting, they have an instant attraction to each other, but Bree is an intellectual, and she meets Neon while he's surfing, and so she makes some (inaccurate) assumptions about him. Granted, he makes assumptions about her, too, but I honestly felt like her thinking he couldn't possibly be worldly or intelligent was a little bit worse than him believing her to be a stuffy British girl. 


Anyway, Merle needs to loosen up while she's on vacation. Neon is typically a playboy and available. And they have great chemistry. Seems like the perfect situation since neither will have to endure an awkward breakup. They know their relationship has an expiration date. Famous last words, right? Yup. Turns out Neon has never felt as comfortable with a woman as he does with Bree. And Bree has so much more fun -- both in and out of bed -- with Neon than she expected. And it becomes so much more than either expected it to be. But, of course, neither of them gives voice to their feelings, assumptions are made, and people end up miserable.


I liked how it ended; I felt it was an honest solution with honest feelings, and I ended up happy because they were happy. A very enjoyable story.