I'm almost glad it's over...

Ain't That a Mess (a Diary Among Friends) - Marcia Brevard Wynn

First off, this is the second book I've read by Ms. Gallagher that relates to horses, so I'm thinking she's a horsewoman. Either that or she does a lot of research into horses, because she really sounds like she knows her stuff. The main character of this one is a dressage trainer. Dressage. Who the heck knows about dressage except people in horse circles? I only know about dressage because my mom was involved when I was younger, lol. 


Anyway... Dani moved from her hometown in Wyoming to Seattle with her then boyfriend, Matt. Matt soon dumped her, and she's trying to get her footing in Seattle as a single girl. She can't exactly leave and go back home -- it's not cheap to move horses, and she's not selling her two, who she thinks of as her kids, just so she can go back home. During a night out with her co-worker Susan, who is trying to set her up with a friend, she meets Connor. And they hit it off big time. 


When she tells Susan they sort of hooked up, Susan sort of fills in some holes for Dani, that he had been engaged until just a few months before, and he was going to be moving at the end of the summer to go to graduate school. Since Dani is still sort of hurting from her breakup with Matt, it seems like a summer fling with Connor, who is supposedly also hurting after a breakup with his ex, would be perfect. They both know it can't last because he's moving. But neither of them could have expected how well they'd get along. The overwhelming need for each other. How much it would ultimately hurt to say goodbye. But they had to say goodbye. He had to go to school and she would not follow another man to another town. So lots of angst, this one. Ms. Gallagher does angst really well.


What I did not like about this one is that -- and this will be a shocker coming from someone who really enjoys erotic scenes -- there was too much sex. Every other scene was them attacking each other, the need was so overwhelming each and every time. Which is fine -- I'm happy for them -- but it just got old. I get it, they need each other more than their next breath. Move on with the story already. I just feel like at least two scenes (probably many more... I'm telling you, they were plentiful) could have been removed and the story would still remain intact.


That said, I enjoyed the story. I do love a bit of angst, and like I said, Ms. Gallagher does that really well. I was beginning to wonder near the end if she was going to rip my heart out, but ultimately, it just swelled a little with the happy feelings.