Barely kept my attention

The Darkest Hour - Maya Banks

I'm not sure what I expected with this one. No... I guess I expected more because it's Maya Banks. More romance. More sexy times. I suppose this one fell victim to the whole first-of-series-worldbuilding. Which seems kind of strange since it's not like this is fantasy. But there are a lot of brothers, so I guess we need to figure out the lay of the family to help us understand the rest of the story.


I guess I was just bored through the first 70% of it or so. I kept listening because I expected more to happen. This is a fairly popular series, after all. And it finally did pick up near the end. I still wish there had been more romance instead of all the pussyfooting Ethan and Rachel did around each other. Rachel had cause -- she could barely remember anything. And I guess Ethan did, too, but jeez... just love your wife already!


I'm not sure this first one was enough to make me want to continue with the series, though I heard #3 and #4 are pretty good. Maybe I'll come back to it.