You know Jack's in trouble from the beginning

Wicked Ties - Shayla Black, Lexi Maynard

I mean really, how did he expect this to go down? He likes Morgan when he first meets her, but he wants to get Brandon so bad. But he doesn't want Morgan to feel like she's been used. Um, how's that not going to happen? And how do you think she's not going to hear about the videotape you sent to her brother showing you fucking her?? Yeah, I knew that wasn't going to go over very well. 


And OMG for someone who is supposed to be so in tune with his sub, he gets her to admit her deepest fantasy and then he leaves her bound because he can't deal with it? WTF is up with that? Thank goodness Deke was there. 


I think the stalker plot was only there to provide a reason for Jack and Morgan to spend time secluded together because it wasn't super compelling. And parts of this story were hot, but parts just kinda didn't do it for me. That said, it was interesting enough for me to continue on to the next one. That, and I got the second in a one-credit-for-two-audiobooks sale. :-)