Meh... More of the same

Fill Her Up - Brynn Paulin

Verity was raised in Daly. She knows the score. Her first real relationship was with Sim and Patrick as a teen, but when she got pregnant, her assumption of what her life would be flashed before her eyes and she didn't like it one bit. So she bolted (after losing the baby). Ten years later, she returns to town to visit her parents before trying to find a vet job elsewhere. She thinks Patrick and Sim are still in the military and won't be there. But first day back in town, she goes to get gas at the Daly family garage and Patrick absconds with her and calls Sim home. Even though she fights her feelings, she can't resist their reunion or that there is still that spark between the three. Plus, there's this new undercurrent between Sim and Patrick that she hopes they'll explore. And they do. Along with two of their military buddies.


I dunno... this was just OK. It's likely going to be one of those forgettable f*ckfests. Because not much happened beyond the screwing. And it kinda bugged me that while she hadn't been with anyone else, she knew they'd been with other women and it was never really a thing. She thought about it, it bugged her, then she just shoved it aside. Not sure why it was mentioned unless it was going to be a thing later, but it wasn't.