I know a lot of people like this series...

Decadent - Shayla Black

... but it's just OK to me. Maybe I'd do better reading them. The narrator of this one made the girl sound so incredibly young. Granted, at the beginning, there was mention of her "little girl voice", and she didn't act like a teenager, but she sure sounded like one. Maybe if I'd read it, it would be different.


While I could understand Deke's issues with screwing a girl by himself, I kinda wanted to smack him. I mean really... man up already! You were freaking YOUNG when that happened, and you knew the girl had issues beyond what you "caused". But he was just fixated on one aspect of it and carried that guilt for a really long time. I was glad that Kimber was able to bring him out of that, but jeez it took forever! And the whole thing with Luke and why he felt like he needed to share... I didn't really see that coming. 


Again, as with the first one, parts were steamy. I've just found that I really like stories where the sex supports the relationships, and I felt like the story was sort of secondary in this one. It wasn't a bad read (listen) by any stretch... just not likely to make me want to continue the series.