Sweet story, if a bit "fast"

Johnny Blue - Azure Boone

I read this for a freebie challenge. At first, I wondered if I was going to regret this, but ultimately, it was a sweet story, if a bit unrealistic. Yes, I know, it's fiction. I was mostly concerned with the editing at first. Ultimately, it wasn't horrible, but it definitely could use a good once over by someone in-the-know. A lot of you're/your mistakes, among others.


Besides the editing, the story moved quite quickly. I suppose it is on the shorter side, so it needs to, but they had this instant attraction which was kind of sweet. Jewel was damaged... something happened ten years ago that she hasn't been able to forgive herself for. She has sort of existed in a fog since then, and she has a therapist she sees.


Johnny is an artist. Jewel thinks he's just a beggar who likes to paint murals, but when she comes to warn him about a prank she's heard the local kids talking about, she's stunned when she meets him face to face. This is after she's discovered, by his living accommodations, that he's far from a beggar. He wants to paint her, and she reluctantly agrees. And sparks fly in a huge way. He has to go back to New York and asks her to accompany him. Things move really fast then. 


I'm not quite sure how Johnny could have just ignored what happened 10 years ago, but that he could was really sweet. I kinda wish we'd known Johnny's issue before we did, but considering it was Jewel's POV and she didn't even know, that would have been a little difficult. Still a sweet story.